August 08, 2020 (Saturday) at 12:00 PM EDT

The World's Biggest Internet of Things (2020)

— or bust

Join for free as one of our world record setters.

Set a world record together by being a part of the world's biggest internet of things (IOT) ever — from the comfort of your own home!


Connect people around the globe via fun activities, especially during these trying times.
Set a world record of the first ever supersized internet of things (IOT).
Share STEM experiences.

Date & Time

August 8, 2020 (Saturday)

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (EDT)

What You Will Need

1 x BBC micro:bit

1 x USB cable

You will typically get a compatible one with a BBC micro:bit starter kit.

The USB lead that you require will depend on what computer you are plugging the micro:bit in to, but for the majority of cases, you want a USB type-A connector at the computer end, and a USB micro-B plug at the micro:bit end. Newer Apple Mac computers have USB type-C.

You will need to make sure that this cable is designed to be a data transfer cable.

1 x Chrome browser

A version that supports the Web Bluetooth API.

You will want to switch sound on.

(Optional) Battery holder for micro:bit & batteries

You are also more than welcome to just power your micro:bit by the USB cable.

Step-By-Step Guide

Set a world record together by being a part of the world's biggest internet of things (IOT) ever — from the comfort of your own home!

Step-By-Step Guide

Illustrated guide and pictures will also be published before the event, so stay tuned.

A. Before BIOTOB Day

1. Register on Eventbrite to make sure you receive the important links and files.

2. Get all the necessary items in place.


Give yourself enough time to complete Steps 3 through 8 before 12:00 PM EDT, since BIOTOB is meant to take place around the globe at the same exact minute.

3. Connect your micro:bit to your computer via the USB cable, which should also power your micro:bit.

4. Download the micro:bit program we specifically created for the world record.

(Link to the .hex file will be provided via Eventbrite soon. We will also open source the program, so that you can learn more about what goes behind it.)

5. Transfer the program to your micro:bit.

When you plug the micro:bit into your computer's USB socket, it will show up automatically like any other USB storage or memory stick as a drive called "MICROBIT".

Transfer the .hex file you downloaded from Step 4 to the MICROBIT drive, just like you would copy a file to a USB drive.

Your micro:bit will pause and the yellow LED on the back will blink while the program is being transferred.

Transfer in Windows:

Transfer in MacOS:

Transfer in Linux:

6. Open up a supported Chrome browser.

Make sure sound is switched on.

7. Visit our event web app site.

(Link is currently embargoed and will be provided via Eventbrite prior to BIOTOB Day).

8. Connect your micro:bit with the web app via Bluetooth.

Illustrated procedure will be provided soon.

C. At 12:00 PM EDT (Sharp)

9 (a). With everything properly set up, press the [A] button on your Micro:bit.

Wait for the exact same top-secret LED message and music on your micro:bit as all other participants around the globe — all at the same minute — thus creating the world's biggest IOT ever!

(If you happen to get to this step BEFORE 12:00 PM EDT on August 8, 2020, you will be receiving a different set of LED message and audio instead.

This is intended behavior for you to test your setup, so not to worry.)

Test LED message = "please wait"

9 (b). Press the [B] button on your Micro:bit to pause the music anytime you wish.

D. Right After BIOTOB

10. Share your photos and videos online, hashtagging #biotob

Image credit: © Micro:bit Educational Foundation